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Phera LED Light Therapy Mask

Phera LED Light Therapy Mask

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Discover the transformative [850 nm Infrared Rays Deep Care Light Mask]: Utilizing 850 nm infrared rays, known for deep skin renewal, our mask penetrates beyond the surface, contrasting with typical 600 nm therapies. Featuring a 7+1 Color Light system, it deeply rejuvenates your skin. Regular use promises smoother, baby-soft skin. Experience deep skin care for lasting radiance!

Get A Youthful Glow: Phera LED Light Therapy Mask is designed to treat a myriad of skin issues. The mask is made of food-grade silicone with 432 LED light bulbs (2x - 5x other products) to maximize results for you.

Elevate Your Skincare with 7+1 Color Light: Tailored to diverse skin needs, our upgraded LED mask now features seven colors, catering to a wider range of skin types. Select the perfect light to address your specific skin concerns, enhancing your facial treatments for noticeable improvements. Our versatile mask is a game-changer in personalized skin care routine!

Get Your Treatment Done While Doing Yoga: This product comes with two eye pads that completely block out the light. The rechargeable mask is portable with one charge lasting up to 2 hours. It also comes with a travel pouch. You can take it anywhere!

Set And Forget: Remember when you burnt your food because you forgot about the time? You will never forget to turn off the Mask with its 10/15/20/30-min auto timer. Set up your favorite light mode/intensity, choose a time, and let the magic happen!

Quality Is Everything: Phera LED light therapy mask is CE/ROSH/FCC certified and comes with a one-year warranty. Unlike other products, we've done rigorous tests to ensure its optimal wavelengths and irradiance - 2 vital factors for light therapies.

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